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for the Automotive and Recreational Vehicle Industries.

AMEC is a Validation Engineering service provider for the Automotive and Recreational Vehicle Industries. We provide a variety of preproduction prototype vehicle and component testing services for the US market. Whether it's total project management, or subcontracting some of our test drivers, we are here to provide the best vehicle testing support in the industry. Utilizing our staff of passionate professionals, as well as cutting-edge emulation and automation equipment, our current testing services portfolio includes: Quality Assurance, Durability, Software / Connectivity, HiL / Mechatronics, EV / Battery / Charge, Project Management, Logistics, On-road / Off-road, Events, ADAS, and Consulting services.

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Who We Are

We Invest in People

We Know Vehicle Testing

Family Owned

Employee Benefits

Expectations are Everything

Always Growing

All In-House

AMEC is 100% family-owned.
We are a Minnesota company backed by a Passion Driven Workforce operating across the US.  Some of us love cars, some of us love computers, some of us love traveling, but we all love our jobs, and getting to work with passionate people around the world to help validate and improve future technologies is a worthwhile adventure we look forward to everyday.

We Invest in our People.
We want our Employees to have the Best possible working experience - for this it is important to be open, honest, fair and transparent. And that's how we are. We Are AMEC.

Expectation is Everything.
Both with our valued Customers and our Employees. The Experience we should and must provide for everyone around us is long-lasting and not just for the moment. That's What We Offer.

Always Growing.
We have grown steadily since we were founded in 2019. Healthy and Qualitatively grown, this is immensely important to us. Controlled and Structured to deliver exactly what our Customers expect from us. Quality and Experience.

All In-House.
We are not a Staffing Agency. We are a Project-Based Engineering Service Provider that employs our own Full-Time Employees. This is important to us in order to bring the best possible Work Quality and Experience to your Project.

It is your Product - it needs to be Perfect.

Thank you!



Minneapolis, MN
United States


Austin, TX
United States


Irvine, CA
United States


Urla, IZ

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