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HiL (Hardware in Loop)

From Ground up, AMEC provides the Full HiL-Build with Integration, Commissioning and Infrastructure.

  • Prepare ready-to-use Test Infrastructure and Commissioning of Vehicle Configurations either on Test Racks, in Vehicles or Suitcases (mobile).

  • Manage Hardware and Software Components and configuration on backend system

  • Implementation of test infrastructure for Connected Car and Infotainment

  • Utilizing market available Data Logging systems, such as Vector, CSS, TTTech, dSPACE etc.

  • Flashing, Coding and Readouts  on different ECUs with Swapping/ Changing Vehicle and Test Configs

  • Analyze and Report Traces from Test Cases and Issues

  • Rest Bus Simulation for US Market specific features and/or support analysis of defect images 

HiL Testing.png

Our ISTQB Certified Software-Test Engineers daily operations are

  • Analyze requirement test documents with specified targets and due dates

  • Create, Plan and Execute Software and Hardware Test cycles on both; manual and automated tests on Test Benches, HiL-systems, Suitcases and in Test Vehicles on Public roads or Closed Test Tracks.

  • Verify the functionality of delivered bug fixes with its documentation; documentation of the verification in the defect management system

  • Maintain Software & Hardware Updates after and/or before Test cycles

  • Support with international Logistics of Test Hardware Components and Inventory

  • Build (3d print) Prototype parts for Test Racks (HiL-Rack) 

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