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Samuel Luedtke

Samuel Luedtke

Chief of Operations

Office: +1 (651) 802-0547

Mobile: +1 (651) 587-8959

Minneapolis, Minnesota

His Story

Chief of Operations, Samuel Luedtke has been in the automotive industry for 14 years, the last 6 of which in preproduction vehicle testing. He’s managed testing projects for 7 customers across the North American Region.

Sam is a perfectionist and a natural problem solver with a keen sense of feel and an eye for ergonomics and fitment. He is always striving for efficiency, quality, and transparency.  

Born and raised in Minnesota, Sam has been involved in multiple facets of the automotive community his entire life. From completely disassembling and reassembling his first car when he was 12yrs old, to attending HPDE (high performance driving events) and helping to create AMEC Motorsports, Sam is passionate about all automotive culture.    
When Erkan started AMEC back in 2019 to build a better testing company, Sam was AMEC’s first employee. 

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