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Climate Specific Testing

Since AMEC is a Minnesota Company, we know the cold. But we are not only specialized to cold environment - we also know the heat.

  • Hot weather testing - arid dry locations (desert) and high humidity locations (tropical)

  • Specific Test cycles for Hot Regions such as Material Testing in the Desert. 

    • AC Systems

    • Plastic Materials and Body covers​

    • Engine startups/ Coolant Systems

    • Brakes & Tires

    • Special dust programs

  • Cold weather testing - high precipitation locations (snow, rain) and low temperature locations (ice & tundra)

    • Battery Charging systems​

    • Engine startups

    • Body Paint & Work on salty ice roads

    • Special Convertible Testing

  • Temperature Chambers (drive-in for full vehicle & cabinet / chest units for component testing.

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